Women Read Comics in Public 3

This is the home of the 3rd annual event designed to show the scope and diversity of female comic readers. The event is timed to the annual Read Comics in Public Day event held each year on August 28, the birthday of the great Jack Kirby. This year the event is on a Tuesday so we are accepting photos for the week. Simply submit a photo of yourself, if you identify as a woman, or of a woman you know reading a comic in public. (What is public? Not inside your home.) If you are submitting a picture of a woman reading a DC or Marvel comic all the better. And this year if you want to include a sticky saying how much you spend per month on comics, all the better!

Submitting is easy. Just hit the submit button on the site and upload the picture.

Update: Thanks to ALL of you who submitted photos. The day was a huge success and exceeded that the first two events. The site was featured on The Mary Sue, Tor, Comics Beat, Boing Boing and Wired!

Submit your picture! No Tumblr required!

All you need is an email. I don’t care if it is your actual real email. The picture needs to be uploaded to Tumblr. And, of course, a woman reading comics in public. That can be anywhere the sun shines or is not your home.